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Tvinn is an innovation company that creates advanced systems and products that contributes to a more sustainable future.

The challenge!

At the signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, the world’s countries agreed that the global temperature increase should stay below two degrees – preferably no more than 1.5 degrees – by 2050. The Swedish parliament has then adopted a climate target which means that greenhouse gas emissions will have terminated by 2045.

An example of what that means in practice is that private consumption need to go from 7 ton to 1.5 ton of CO2 per person/year to reach the climate target set in the Paris Agreement.

The possibilities!

To meet that challenge and hopefully surpass that goal, we need new and better innovations that support companies and individuals. That is what Tvinn does! We provide knowledge and technical platforms that create these new products, solutions and services.

We create solutions for
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Fault detection
  • Smart Buildings
  • Advanced quality control
  • Warehouse Management

Our mission is to create smart solutions that will help to make the world a little better!

We want to simplify the development of connected and smart products and make it easier to create sustainable solutions that is profitable and enables added values and new revenue streams.

The solutions we create shall feel, look and work awesome!

The systems that we create are both offered as OEM solutions to our innovative clients and used in our own products and projects. Functionality increases constantly, and we work in a test-driven way to ensure optimal quality and functionality.

Internet of Things, IoT

Tvinn designs, develops and promotes products and platforms that create intelligent and sustainable solutions. We provide platforms and services that empower products and systems in the Internet of Things (IoT) area.

What is IoT?

There is a lot of talk about Internet of things (IoT) but what is it about? The technology needed to create IoT solutions has been around for a long time, and there are many companies that already use IoT systems. Some examples are predictive maintenance and fleet management systems.

The technology may not be new, but by using the technology in new ways we can change the way we build our businesses.

As an example, say that you start offering lighting as a service instead of selling light bulbs. When selling light bulbs, it is good for business when the light goes out since this forces the customer to buy new light bulbs, increasing sales and profit. But when offering lighting as a service we have a problem if the light bulb breaks, because then we are not providing our service.

To keep the customer happy with our service we need to keep track of when a light bulb is about to break, before it does, so it can be replaced in advance.

So to make that kind of transition in the business model, going from selling a product to offering a service, you need an IoT system.

Tvinn can help you with your IoT business plan.

We strongly recommend our customers to start with analysing the business case before jumping in to development. Our experience is that you need a clear view and a strategy for the development that fits your business model to become successful.


Don’t waste, Re-Use!

Every product or system is unique but many of the components and building blocks are the same. At Tvinn we create solutions utilizing well known and well tested platforms together with customer specific adaptations.

Design philosophy

We have for a long time been involved in development projects that these days are called IoT projects. Through the years we have gained extensive knowledge in designing and developing intelligent products and advanced solutions. That knowledge and experience in combination with our smart building blocks offers the possibility for quick deployment and shorter time to market.

We adapt the platforms after your specific needs and can also give guidance in strategic business development and how to utilise the technology to create business value for you and your customers.

We create our solutions using standard components such as sensors, gateways and IoT (cloud) platforms. For each project we then integrate the building blocks and create customer specific user experiences and applications.

Start Smart!

As the first task, we analyse the product or platform that we are about to create. Together with the client we go over what the purpose of the system is, how it will be used and most importantly – what benefits or revenues the system is going to create.

The design and development process is a close second, and we look at many different aspects that we need to take into consideration to make proper design choices.

Together with our strong design partners, production facilities and platform component suppliers, we can create advanced solutions all the way from the idea stage to a production system in short time and at a competitive cost.



Ask not what your planet can do for you, ask what you can do for our planet!

Our aim is to offer the best climate for people to grow, to develop, to have fun, to be creative. And this in a nature loving company that believe that if we focus on working on projects that will have a positive impact on the environment then we can make a difference when turning the development toward a more sustainable future for the planet.

The driving force that motivates us to do our outmost every day is the knowledge that we can make a difference.

We believe in individual freedom and we have created a working environment that offers maximum personal flexibility while still being a part of a strong team that supports and motivates each other to accomplish great deeds!

What we are looking for

Are you a creative person who focus on the solution of a problem more than the problem itself? Do you want to go to work feeling that today I’m going to make a difference and go home with the notion that you have helped the world become a little better? Then look no further, we are your new co-workers!

Open positions

Systems designer
Project Manager
Embedded SW developer
Account Manager

For more info about working at Tvinn, please contact Jonas Thyni (CEO).


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